Project BATH

APO Theta Global holds its Grand Reunion and Anniversary Ball every odd year. Our goal every year is to bring together in fellowship the most number of Thetans that can ever be gathered within one venue. Even more important for us is to locate long-lost brothers and sisters, who by force of circumstance may have lost contact with their fellow APO Thetans.

Why Project BATH

The ongoing effort to locate and reconnect with long-lost Thetans is being done under Project BATH - which simply stands for BRING ALL THETANS HOME - home being obviously Los Baños. Through this project, all Thetans are encouraged to actively search for our most senior brothers and sisters from our founding year to the early 1970s and all those whose whereabouts and membership details are presently not known to us.

Help Project BATH succeed

You can help make Project BATH succeed by following three simple steps:

  • STEP ONE: Check the list of APO Theta UPLB alumni brothers and sisters we are searching for
  • STEP TWO: If you know anyone on the list, please send us a message on how to contact him or her
  • STEP THREE: If you do not hear from us in 36 hours, ask your Thetan relative or friend to visit this website

Below the Fold

Thetan Ka Ba?

Use this signup form to request verification of your bona fides and subscribe to our email updates. Once your credentials are confirmed, you will receive instructions on how to access the rest of the site.

Do You Know Any Thetans?

If you know someone, whether relative or friend, who is a member of the Alpha Phi Omega - Theta Chapter at UP Los Baños, please help us get in touch with them. Send us a message or check out Project BATH for the list of brothers and sisters we are trying to reconnect with.

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