Alpha Phi Omega is Service

If Leadership is the mind and Friendship is the heart of Alpha Phi Omega, then Service is its very soul. Alpha Phi Omega is the only fraternity in the world that has countless college men and women who have dedicated themselves to an active life of service. With thousands of service-hours rendered by active collegiate members and its numerous alumni associations, no other college organization even comes close to the service record of Alpha Phi Omega. The service program of APO Theta UPLB provides opportunities for the development of social awareness, lifelong friendships, and leadership skills. This service program is what makes the Alpha Phi Omega a unique fraternal organization.

With its four-fold service program, Alpha Phi Omega provides every member tremendous scope for developing creative service projects that have a direct and beneficial impact on those that they are meant to serve. The four areas of service in any APO chapter are:

  1. Service to the Campus - every chapter carries out projects that benefit the students and faculty of the university or college to which it belongs;
  2. Service to the Community - every chapter belongs not just to a campus, but also to a greater community, and projects designed to serve the needs of the immediate community is likewise encouraged, with particular attention given to projects for the youth of the community;
  3. Service to the Nation - every chapter seeks to encourage in its members a strong sense of civic duty and to take an active role as participating citizens in the task of nation-building; and
  4. Service to the Organization - service projects that directly benefit chapter members and the national organization are also necessary and these may take the form of leadership workshops, fraternity conferences, fellowship events, and study groups.

In APO Theta UPLB, you are driven by initiative to always


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