Alpha Phi Omega is Leadership

Our membership in Alpha Phi Omega helps us understand the concept of Leadership and makes us realize that we are the architects of our own ambitions. Each of us has the opportunity to develop ourselves to be whatever we seek to become. Leadership development, thus, begins by first learning how to lead oneself before learning to lead others. As we mature and develop as individuals, we aspire to achieve greater things for ourselves and the community around us. We become aware of limiting factors and strive to better ourselves by honing our talents and developing our skills. We study, we learn, we do.

Once we learn how to take initiative toward personal mastery and for living to our full potential, we soon acquire an inclination to externalize the best of our qualities in leadership roles. We have grown to become Leaders.

In the process of leadership development within Alpha Phi Omega, individuals develop from followers into leaders often without really being aware of the transformation. It may happen gradually, or it may happen overnight - today a follower, tomorrow a leader. You may start out as committee head for a service project and before you realize it, you have been elected as Grand Chancellor or Grand Lady Chancellor of APO Theta UPLB!

With APO Theta UPLB, you have every chance to learn how to


Below the Fold

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Do You Know Any Thetans?

If you know someone, whether relative or friend, who is a member of the Alpha Phi Omega - Theta Chapter at UP Los Baños, please help us get in touch with them. Send us a message or check out Project BATH for the list of brothers and sisters we are trying to reconnect with.

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