Alpha Phi Omega is Friendship

It may seem impossible to nurture a meaningful relationship with thousands of Brothers and Sisters across the nation or even with every Brother and Sister in a single chapter. Yet by developing a sense of fraternitas through our shared experiences and understanding of our fraternal history and goals, we transcend our differences. Friendship underpins our fraternal bond. It implies respect, honesty, and dependability. It means that we overlook differences and highlight similarities as we unite in unselfish service. It means hearing out Brothers and Sisters whose views may differ from our own. It means working with people who, were it not for APO Theta UPLB, might not even have been our friends.

Being a friend is not easy. It takes work. Every day we should always challenge ourselves to be a better friend: to be more welcoming, understanding, trusting, and compassionate. A chapter fellowship program provides opportunities for social interaction among all Brothers and Sisters, whether active collegiate residents or alumni. The goal is to strengthen the Chapter by bringing all of the members closer together. Fellowship activities may range from formal events, such as parties and dinners, to informal gatherings after a service project. Each Chapter has evolved its own way of reaching our common goal: building lifelong friendships through fellowship in the spirit of Brotherhood and Sisterhood that is the very essence of Alpha Phi Omega.

A successful fellowship program is essential for keeping Brothers and Sisters actively involved in Alpha Phi Omega. That success starts with each of us, for the surest way to have a friend is to be a friend.

APO Theta UPLB lets you forge lifelong bonds as you strive to


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Do You Know Any Thetans?

If you know someone, whether relative or friend, who is a member of the Alpha Phi Omega - Theta Chapter at UP Los Baños, please help us get in touch with them. Send us a message or check out Project BATH for the list of brothers and sisters we are trying to reconnect with.

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