All members of Alpha Phi Omega are proud of their roots in the Scouting Movement. Just as Frank Reed Horton believed that the ideals of the Scouting Movement served as a timeless standard for character development, so too do members of Alpha Phi Omega hold themselves to those ideals.

The Twelve Jewels of the Scout Law is the standard by which members of Alpha Phi Omega measure themselves. Using the Scout Law as the template, as have other members of Alpha Phi Omega before, APO Theta UPLB expects its members, active collegiates and alumni alike, to observe and uphold this code of conduct.

The Scout Law and the APO Code of Conduct are juxtaposed below:

The Scout Law

The APO Code of Conduct - Theta Version*

A Scout is:

In full accord with the vision of our founder, Dr. Frank Reed Horton, and on my honor as a member of Alpha Phi Omega, I do hereby solemnly pledge that:

I. Trustworthy

I shall always tell the truth and keep my promises. Honesty is the foundation of my character, and in everything I do, I shall earn the trust and confidence of others.

II. Loyal

I shall remain true to my family, friends, leaders, community, nation, and brothers and sisters in Alpha Phi Omega. By my words and actions, those to whom I owe my loyalty shall have no cause to doubt my allegiance.

III. Helpful

I shall always be mindful of the needs of others and render my help and service where needed with utmost willingness and compassion.

IV. Friendly

I shall be a friend to all and an enemy to no one. In my friendships, I shall give others my understanding as much as I would seek theirs. My friendship extends even to others whose ideas or customs differ from my own.

V. Courteous

I shall treat everyone, regardless of age, rank, or status, with respect and politeness. Knowing that good manners and right conduct enables harmonious relations, the courtesy I extend will help preserve social cohesion.

VI. Kind

In my gentleness I manifest strength for I know that the acts of goodwill I receive are simply reciprocation for whatever kindness I have shown others.

VII. Obedient

I shall obey the laws and rules that apply to Alpha Phi Omega, my family, my university, my community, and my nation. Where any rule be unfair, I shall endeavor to make the change rather than foment discord by disobedience.

VIII. Cheerful

I shall find the bright side in any situation and cheerfully accomplish whatever tasks have been assigned to me. With my demeanor and happy disposition, others may always seek my company rather than forsake it.

IX. Thrifty

Daily shall I strive to pay my own way in this world without being a burden unto others. I shall save for unforeseen circumstances and extend with generosity whatever exceeds my own needs. I shall ever be judicious in the use of time and property so as to conserve resources and protect the environment.

X. Brave

I shall stay calm and unafraid in the face of danger for might belongs to those who are in the right. Trusting the rightness of my cause, I shall take the brave and principled stand, undaunted by whatever derision or threats may come my way.

XI. Clean

I shall maintain cleanliness in body, mind and spirit, and my home and surroundings shall ever be in order. In the company I keep, I shall share the value of clean living.

XII. Reverent

I shall praise with reverence the God I worship and all of creation. I shall conscientiously observe my religious duties, practice as best as I can the tenets of my faith, and hold with respect the beliefs of others.

Upon this oath I uphold the standard of Alpha Phi Omega.

*The Alpha Phi Omega Code of Conduct (Theta Version) is based on text that first appeared on the website of APO Philippines. This version, as written by Bro. Mark Francis C. Hamoy, 86D Acey-Deucey, uses the first-person instead to make every Thetan take it to heart as a solemn personal oath that he or she will live the Twelve Jewels as the principal standard of one's character as a human being.

APO Code of Conduct - Theta Version
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