Who in the world was Eduardo Z. Corpuz?

He was probably Aggie rather than Forester as our capsulized history indicates that the other charter members were from the College of Agriculture. Yet even this bit of our history is also not fully substantiated. Were there really only Aggie pioneers with no representation at all from the Foresters until the succeeding batches?

Perhaps this is the sort of historical detective work that should be assigned to the resident collegiates. The first step would be to look up UPCA and/or UPCF records to verify his complete name, determine his date of birth, his birthplace, his home province, and other details that a college record would reveal.

Where is Eduardo Z. Corpuz and the rest of Theta's Charter Members?

Posted by Bro. Mody Olympia on 10 February 2010 at 9:31am on the defunct APO Theta Ning network.

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Theta founder and charter members? Anybody looking for them to attend the Global Reunion?

I hope the Grand Chancellor will take the initiative to have the Brother Historian and the Keeper of the Rolls take a crack at solving this mystery.

@Brod Mody: Brod Nides informed me recently that they had (incl. Brod Jack) come into contact with a brod who was part of the pioneering batch of 1956. I believe they will sustain their contact with this charter brod and perhaps even elicit more details about our founding and history. One issue that I have been trying to figure out is whether Brod Serg Aragones is 1958 (as listed in the APO Philippines ID database) or 1956 (as I strongly believe he is given the ID number cited in the same database). Related to this, we also have to confirm exactly how many were charter members (the very first batch who came into APO when it was founded by Brod Ed Corpuz '56) and who were the rest of 1956 who joined later during that same year. Perhaps our Brother Historian among the collegiates could take this as homework and it would also be good if we could establish an office (collegiate and alumni together) that is in charge of our chapter history and archives. (response by Bro. Mark Hamoy posted on 10 February 2010 at 3:27 pm).


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