1969D The Giants

Available Information

Although unlisted in earlier versions of the Theta Roster, Bro. Domingo Tunque '69B reports that Bro. Pablo "Pabz/Boy" Calo confirmed information about his batch during his recent visit to California. Bro. Pabz declared that batch 1969D The Giants, to which he belonged, was composed of:

  1. Bro. Pablo M. Calo Jr.
  2. Bro. Emmanuel Casimpan
  3. Bro. Glicerio J. Intengan
  4. Bro. Allen Ramos
  5. Bro. Lauterio Ramos
  6. Bro. Boyie Santiago

For Clarification

Since this is the first confirmed information available that 1969D The Giants came after 1969C Five to Hell, several issues need to be clarified:

  • What is the full name of Brod Allen? Is he Bro. Valentino DB Ramos Jr. (earlier identified as part of 1968A Dirty Dozen, but who Bro. Mar Buenaventura could not recall as being part of his batch)?
  • Brod Lauterio does not previously appear in any version of the chapter roster. Can anyone else confirm that he was in fact part of batch 1969D?
  • Can anyone confirm Brod Boyie Santiago's full name since only one other Santiago (Ruben '57) appears in past versions of the chapter roster?

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    apothetanetwork (Saturday, 22 March 2014 00:55)

    From Bro. Edgar Dadios '69C:
    "Allen's father is Dr Valentin Ramos Sr, as far as I can remember. Larry Tibay might confirm that, we're all from the Sta Cruz, Laguna. Lauterio Ramos (Terry Ramos), I Saw them less than a month after their initiation, that was summer before '70 first sem."

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    apothetanetwork (Saturday, 22 March 2014 00:56)

    Based on the info posted by Bro. Edgar, it can be confirmed that Bro. Allen Ramos is in fact Bro. Valentin DB Ramos Jr. Bro. Edgar also establishes that Bro. Lauterio "Terry" Ramos is a brod.

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