1969C Five For Hell

Available Information

It is pretty clear from chapter records and their batch name that 1969C Five For Hell was composed of five members, namely:

  1. Bro. Freddie Abrigo
  2. Bro. Cecilio G. Cruz
  3. Bro. Edgardo M. Dadios
  4. Bro. Rodolfo Fajardo
  5. Bro. Art Miranda

For Clarification

The names more or less coincide with what appears in the APO Philippines ID database, but clarifications need to be made on the following points:

  • What is Bro. Freddie's full name?
  • Is it Bro. Rodolfo (as in APO Philippines ID database) or Bro. Adolfo (as in APO Theta yahoogroup database)?
  • What is Bro. Art's full name?

Validation by Respondents

From Bro. Edgar Dadios, batch member

Originally listed as Five to Hell in various versions of the Theta Roster, Bro. Edgar Dadios, who is a batch member, corrects the information by explaining that their batch name is actually Five for Hell and was inspired by a movie title. Bro. Edgar posted the following info:

""As far as I can remember our Batch name is Five For Hell, taken from a movie title. I just know Freddie as is. Our fourth Member is Adolfo "Boy" Fajardo. When I was in Las Vegas with Art Miranda he told me that Boy Ads Fajardo is a judge, I think in Sorsogon. Brod Mody Olympia gave me Art's Tel no. in Vegas, he's not in Seattle anymore. I forgot his home address, Brod Sim Rivera might know or Brod Serge."

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    apothetanetwork (Saturday, 22 March 2014 00:45)

    If you look up Adolfo Fajardo online, you will come across the website for the Fajardo Law Offices. In it is the profile of Atty. Adolfo G. Fajardo, who as Bro. Edgar notes is a judge in Sorsogon. The profile, however, specifies that Judge Fajardo graduated from the University of the East in 1974. So the question is: Did Bro. Boy Fajardo transfer to UE and finish his university education there?

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