1966 Valentine/DI-13(?)

Available Information

According to Bro. Jimmy Batol '66 (as recounted by Bro. Mandy Salagubang), there were no letter appellations to the batch(es) of 1966. However, some versions of the Theta Roster list a batch 1966A Valentine (or is it Valentines?) and a batch 1966B DI-13. The Theta Roster also lists the following as members of 1966 Valentine:

  1. Bro. Celso C. Aresta
  2. Bro. Felix T. Chinte Jr.
  3. Bro. Guillermo S. Fianza
  4. Bro. Ethelwoldo T. Pasiliao
  5. Bro. Jaime M. Tolentino

It is supposed that Bro. Jaime C. Batol is also part of this batch as indicated in the photo posted by Bro. Mandy.

Photo by Bro. Kenneth Maslang '00
Photo by Bro. Kenneth Maslang '00

For Clarification

  • How many members exactly were there in 1966 Valentine?
  • Who were the other members of this batch?
  • If there were no letter appellations in 1966, was there only one batch?
  • If there was only one batch, what of DI-13, which is listed as a separate batch?
  • Is it possible that 1966 had only one batch known as Valentine DI-13?

If you have any info on batch 1966 Valentine/DI-13, please post this below. Comments are moderated so what you post may not immediately appear on the website.

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    apothetanetwork (Saturday, 22 March 2014 00:18)

    From Bro. Mandy Salagubang:
    "Sabi Bro Jimmy 13 sila sa Valentine 66, he cannot remember also the names of his batchmates but it came to his mind Aresta and Sumabat. Sunod sunod daw ID numbers nila. So, if you have the national office roster, sila na yung mag kakabatch."

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