Thetan Bro. Mario Buenaventura '68, incumbent president of the APO Island Garden City of Samal Alumni Association (APO IGACOS AA), confirmed that the formal turnover ceremony of the Educational TV (EDTV) Project sponsored by the APO Administrative Region for the Middle East (APO ARME) and the APO Kuwait Alumni Association (APO KAA) will be held on 17 September 2010. A seven-person delegation from the APO ARME and APO KAA is due to arrive two days before the event to personally hand over the EDTV Project to the Del Monte Elementary School in Samal Island.

The EDTV Project, with a total outlay of about one hundred thousand pesos, includes a flat-screen LCD TV and modulized educational lessons and programs on DVD that school children could watch on demand.

Brod Mario conveyed his gratitude to APO members whose generosity helped realize the EDTV Project, including Bro. Ernie "Gov" Salting (S4P), Philippine-based project chairman and APOKAA adviser; Bro. Tambas "Tammy" U. Solaiman, Overseas project chairman and APO ARME adviser; Bro. Noel R. Amador, APO KAA president and project co-chairman; Bro. Ramon Macrohon, APO ARME regional administrative director; Bro. Anthony "EGG" Decena, APO ARME deputy regional administrative director; Sis. Esperanza "Espie" Gumia, APO ARME and APO KAA treasurer and charter member of APO IGACOS AA; and Bro. Erick Naldoza (Beta Chi), fine arts and graphics artist of APO ARME and APO KAA, as well as all the members of APO ARME and APO KAA.

Brod Mario is also incumbent Southeastern Mindanao Administrative Region deputy regional director.

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