1964A Beatles

Available Information

The largest ever batch of Theta Chapter, one would expect that 1964A Beatles would also be the hardest batch to completely verify the details. Yet Bro. Filamor M. Doronio has been able to provide very accurate information about his batch as listed below:

  1. Bro. Nicasio G. Balot
  2. Bro. Arsenio Turcato Belardo
  3. Bro. Jaime M. Belleza
  4. Bro. Ramon T. Bernardo
  5. Bro. Julio R. Bincay
  6. Bro. Arturo J. Bollozo
  7. Bro. Mariano Cacal Cadiz
  8. Bro. Ser E. Collado Jr.
  9. Bro. Dionisio C. Costales
  10. Bro. Gideon Dingle
  11. Bro. Filamor M. Doronio
  12. Bro. Belino T. Epie
  13. Bro. Ingelberto B. Felina
  14. Bro. Romeo D. Galeon
  15. Bro. Silvestre Javier
  16. Bro. Gilberto Fernandez Layese
  17. Bro. Jose T. Lumang
  18. Bro. Emory Z. Magtang
  19. Bro. Lopez Mancognahan
  20. Bro. Ernesto G. Manuel
  21. Bro. Reophi B. Medina
  22. Bro. Melencio Miranda
  23. Bro. Augusto P. Miras
  24. Bro. Cesar A. Orallo
  25. Bro. George I. Perocillo
  26. Bro. Pablo C. Rabanal
  27. Bro. Benigno A. Ramos
  28. Bro. Evilio U. Tabanguil
  29. Bro. Rizalino M. Tavita (+)
  30. Bro. Genaro P. Toledo
  31. Bro. Rolando Tumaneng Uanang
  32. Bro. Sadiri Resquer Yadao

For Clarification

Perhaps the remaining three questions left to ask are:

  • Are there only 32 members of 1964A Beatles?
  • Who was the batch leader?
  • And the biggest question to address, how did 1964A get to become the biggest batch, i.e., how were they recruited? We could use a revival batch of the size of 1964A Beatles.

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