Happy 52nd Anniversary APO Theta UPLB

Today marks the fifty-second anniversary of APO Theta UPLB. Over half a century ago, our chapter was recognized by APO Philippines and designated as Theta Chapter - the eighth chapter in the country. I have decided to unveil today, to coincide with this occasion, the public mirror site that seeks to better explain to the general public what APO Theta UPLB is all about as a college-based service organization. By unveil, I mean here to say that I have removed the password protection on most of the pages of that website so that it becomes publicly accessible to those who know where to look.

Other sections of that website are still password-protected or invisible until I secure the official go-ahead from our elected officers or when proper procedures have been complied with to gain sanction for the proposed ideas.

You will also notice that I have featured on the home page of the public mirror site the new official newsblog of APO Theta UPLB - Theta Tambuli Online. You can read the introductory blog post here.

Theta Tambuli Online is intended to be an interim and online only response to a recent call to revive the chapter newsletter. I know full well the difficulties and challenges of putting out a publication and I thought that having an official newsblog would somehow meet the identified need for a source of news and information about our beloved Theta.

Well, be it online or paper-based, the Theta Tambuli would only work best if there is active participation from the residents. I invite them to submit their articles via email [apotheta(dot)markham(at)gmail(dot)com] and I would gladly post this to the Theta Tambuli Online. Or post it here on the APO Theta UPLB network on Ning. Just add the tag "ThetaTambuli" so I would know to feature this also on the public mirror site.

All the effort being put together is intended to leverage freely available technologies on the Internet to bring us closer together and encourage more substantive conversation (especially between alumni and active collegiates) and participation regarding the issues and concerns of our beloved Theta. So please, let us completely engage ourselves in this ongoing conversation. But most of all, let us all act on our convictions.

Happy Anniversary, Theta Chapter!


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